The cost of applying to college: data

January 2, 2014

NOTE: A previous version of the post had incorrect math; this was due to faulty JavaScript used to add the numbers up. The current and correct version is below. If the numbers do not seem different, please clear your browser cache and refresh.

I just finished applying to college. It feels great. I can get some work done now. Before that, however, I’ve been meaning to figure out exactly how much it cost to apply to college. Here’s the breakdown. All figures are in USD.

Schools applied to

School Application cost
Cal Poly $55
UC Berkeley $70
UC Santa Barbara $70
UC Irvine $70
Pomona College $70
Brown University $75
Carleton College $0
Grinnell College $0
Harvard College $75
RPI $70
Skidmore College $65
Tufts University $70
University of Illinois at Chicago $50
University of Pennsylvania $75
Washington University in St. Louis $75
Willamette University $50
WPI $65

source: Common Application

Test registered

Qty Test Registration cost
2 ACT w/ writing $52.50
2 SAT $51
5 SAT II $24.50

source: ACT and SAT websites

My case is extreme (due to extenuating circumstances for some test dates), so my number will be larger than most by about $75. Additionally, despite taking the ACT, I still needed to take the SAT to qualify as a National Merit Scholar finalist.

Tests reported

Qty sent # Tests to send Test Report fee
16 2 ACT $12
1 1 SAT $11.25
7 2 SAT II $11.25
8 1 SAT II $11.25

source: ACT and SAT websites

Dang. Applying to college is expensive.